‘Temptation’ is so bad it’s good

Tyler Perry’s “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor” is loaded with fierce, soap opera-esque drama that is both fun and the film’s downfall.
“Temptation” explores the hardships of passion and love in the relationship between childhood sweethearts Judith (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Brice (Lance Gross).
Judith and Brice have recently moved to the big city, and while Roger is working his dream job at a small pharmacy, Judith is stuck acting as the in-house therapist for a dating company.
Judith and Brice’s marriage begins to struggle when Judith’s career forces her to face temptation when Harley (Robbie Jones) is interested in investing in the company. Judith spirals out of control as Brice tries to save their marriage.
The film has virtually nonstop drama from the beginning. Judith and Brice have to struggle to be together because of Judith’s bible-thumping mother (Ella Joyce). The drama continues when Judith and Brice finally move away to make a life of their own, and the drama begins to be a little too much at this point.
At some points, the drama seems pointless and excessive, but some of the trials and tribulations are heartfelt and relatable. The film has a hard time finding a happy balance between drama and calmer points.
A lot of comedy is unintentional in “Temptation.” The situations that Judith gets herself into are a little too unreal to be taken seriously, and the exaggeration offers plenty of opportunities for laughter.
Kim Kardashian plays Judith’s snobby coworker Ava, and her performance is hilarious enough to make the film worth watching. Kardashian’s line delivery is stiff and fake, and it’s difficult to take her character seriously.
Renée Taylor is the film’s redeeming factor.  Her character, a coworker at the pharmacy Brice works at, delivers hilarious line after hilarious line, and her performance is the only one that seems genuine.
Brandy Norwood plays another one of Brice’s coworkers, but her character is presented so poorly that she blends right into the background.
“Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor” is so terrible that it is on the same level as a Lifetime movie, but there is a certain cheesiness about it that could make it a guilty pleasure.
“Temptation” is rated PG-13 for some violence, sexuality and drug content.