‘Evil Dead’ is bloody, brilliant

“Evil Dead” does the 1981 original justice, taking a darker approach with an abundance of blood and campy horror. Five childhood friends travel to a remote cabin to help Mia (Jane Levy) overcome a heroin addiction.
Mia’s heroin addiction is the least of their troubles when they discover a “Book of the Dead” that unleashes a powerful demon. The demon possesses them until one of them is left to fight for their life in a bloodbath of terror.
The original “Evil Dead” is a cult classic that has a group of hopelessly devoted fans. While this remake takes a darker, less humorous approach, there are elements from the original scattered throughout.
Most of the subtle elements that stick from the original are incorporated in creative ways and have just as big of an impact. A fresh take on the film leaves the most basic skeleton on the original and builds a darker, less humorous body for the film.
“Evil Dead” does not have a star-studded cast, with Levy of  television’s “Suburgatory” and Lou Taylor Pucci of “Thumbsucker” and “The Chumscrubber” possibly being the film’s biggest names. The lack of famous names does not hinder the film, and each actor adds something unique.
Shiloh Fernandez and Elizabeth Blackmore both put forth solid performances in their supporting actor roles. Pucci and Levy both embrace and incorporate the campiness and add something fresh.
The special effects in “Evil Dead” are wildly impressive. Sam Rami, the producer of both the original and the reboot, and director Fede Alvarez opted out of using any computer-generated imagery, so many effects relied on crafty make-up and illusions.
With such a heavy reliance  CGI in today’s films, this return to old school filmmaking is a breath of fresh air that is arguably just as, if not more, impressive than most CGI effects.
The film has a no holds barred attitude when it comes time for blood and all things gruesome. While so much blood and cringe-worthy scenes of brutality would seem absurd in most horror films, “Evil Dead” has just the right amount of both to make it a campy, gory delight.
“Evil Dead” might not be the most terrifying film you will ever see like the film’s tagline suggests, but it is certainly one of the most promising remakes in years.
“Evil Dead” is rated R for strong bloody violence and gore, some sexual content and language.