Tech purchases mobile charging stations

Tech’s Telecommunications department has coordinated with KwikBoost to purchase mobile charging stations for use in several locations across campus.
Prompted by the University’s recent purchase of solar powered tables, KwikBoost contacted the Telecommunications department about the possibility of purchasing mobile charging stations that would allow students to charge phones, MP3 players, and other small devices at their convenience.
“Several offices have worked together to make this convenient service available to campus,” said Karen Lykins, associate vice president for communications and marketing. “We are looking to increase the number and types of ways we can use technology to serve students and to enhance our campus, as a whole. If you are on campus and need to charge a portable electronic device, these stations can be the quick, convenient solution.”  

There are two possible charger options. The M4 can charge up to four devices simultaneously, with two Apple cords and two micro USB cords. The charging station, nine inches tall and 10 inches wide, weighs in at two pounds. The M8 is a bit larger (nine inches tall and 18 inches wide) and weighs four pounds and can be used to charge up to eight devices at one time. The M8 has four Apple cords, three micro USB cords and one mini USB cord.
The delivery date has yet to be announced for the chargers to be put in place, but several locations have been discussed as possible options. High traffic areas such as the cafeteria, the RUC and the Fit are top priority.
“I would use them, but only if they’re in some place where I can sit down and be next to them,” history major, Jacob Adams, said. “It seems like a really good idea, but I think people are still going to want to be close to their phones.”