Kappa Sigma brother arrested for failed arson attempt

Kappa Sigma fraternity brother, John Cameron Null, 19, of Mt. Juliet, Tenn., was arrested Friday after allegedly being involved in a dispute with a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity.
Null is charged with reckless endangerment, arson by setting fire to a vehicle and public intoxication.
According to a report by Cookeville Police Officer Brandon Tayes, the incident happened late Friday night, and a witness there said, “someone put a flaming piece of rolled up paper in the gas lid of a car.”
Tech student Ryan Scott said, “We were all upstairs just hanging out when someone ran inside, and said that there was someone trying to light a car on fire.”
According to the report, several TKE members told officer Tayes it was Null, a member of Kappa Sig.
According to the report, Jacob Warren, a witness, told Tayes he saw Null get out of a gray Ford Ranger and put the flaming paper in the gas lid of an innocent party’s car.
Null then got back in the truck and drove north of the incident location and began talking to people on the sidewalk, Warren said, according to the report.
Warren stated that the burning object came out of the gas lid and was put out, the report said.
According to the report, Tech Police were in the area at the time of the incident and stated that they witnessed a group getting ready to fight.  They drove over toward the group, and the Ford Ranger drove off.  

According to Tayes report, Tech police were unaware at this time that the occupants in the truck were involved in the attempted arson.
“We had to close the house down because it was getting late, apparently Null got angry when some of the brothers kicked him out,” Andrew Farley, TKE President, Said. “He had not been drinking at our house, but showed up already pretty drunk.”
The Ranger was located a short time later by Tech police and all the occupants were read their Miranda Warning by Officer Melton.  

According to the report, the driver of the Ranger, Seth Wofford, and passenger, Clay Walters, were interviewed separately by police.
Both stated that John Cameron Null was with them and put the flaming paper in the gas lid as retaliation for the altercation. Walters stated that he tried to talk Null out of it, but Null insisted on doing some damage, said the report.
According to the report, Null was extremely intoxicated and very uncooperative, asking for an attorney.