Civil War in Syria: President Obama makes plans to airstrike on Syria

Why another war? Why? What is the point? Do we really want to see more of our own men and women die for a country that doesn’t even want our help?

            History is beginning to repeat itself and people aren’t paying attention. We went to war in Vietnam when we should have never stepped foot in that country. I truly believe that if we step foot in Syria, we will have another catastrophic loss for America.

            Americans are tired of war, losing the people we love, and the problems we are facing in our own country. Congress and the President don’t seem to be listening to the majority of their constituents and they are paving the way for history to repeat. 

            STOP! We, as Americans, have to make our voices known. Obama is not our “king” and he won’t be the one on the front lines serving with the ones who will die for another country’s freedoms. Enough is enough and I for one have had it.

            President Obama and Congress should go. I am particularly for them being placed on the front lines. We have enough problems with the economy at home to deal with: Congress doesn’t know how to work on a budget, debt ceilings are being raised and more people are out of work. The list can go on and on.

            In a recent poll CNN presented that a strong majority of Americans don’t want Congress to pass a resolution authorizing a military strike against Syria.  Apparently, more the seven in 10 Americans don’t see a how a military strike will make a difference.  70 percent of Americans – this is a number the people who voted that Congress should take into account public opinion before it approves this strike.

            Honestly, this would be one of the worst ideas Obama ever pulls off. He is going against the people who voted him into his second term.  If he gets his way, he will lose a lot of support.

            What concerns me the most are the effects this will have on a military that is already stretching beyond its capabilities. Many are coming home after tours in Afghanistan and the War on Terrorism and have committed suicide or returned with such severe post traumatic stress disorders, they can’t even operate normally in today’s world.

            We need to think about the families who have already lost so much and ask ourselves if we are willing to let even more of America’s bravest fight in a war that is not ours to fight.  If Congress would think of something other than their own backsides, they would come to see that entering into this civil war would be the one way to break what moral we have left after so many years of being at war.

             I, for one, am tired of seeing soldiers come home in coffins covered in American flags. I want to see them stay and help raise the next generation of Americans and help them learn how OUR freedom isn’t free, but we have to fight here, on our own turf, before we can ever help others who actually ask for help.

            I know it doesn’t sound Christian of me to say no to helping someone out, but it isn’t wise to overcommit money we don’t have. We don’t have money to spend on another war and we need to help the veterans who have returned from wars with major medical issues that our government takes its sweet time on correcting.

            I don’t want another Vietnam; I want a country that is working on solving their own debt issues and the war on our doorsteps. We have our own problems to worry about. Let’s not add to it by stepping in where we don’t