Intramurals kick new sports into play

Tech intramurals office is introducing two new sports this year with a game called kan jam and kickball.

Kan Jam is a frisbee game that is played inside a gym with two garbage cans at each end with holes cut in the sides.

“It’s kind of like ultimate frisbee and disc golf blended together,” Jerry Keeton, intramural office financial associate, said. “You get various points if you hit the top of the garbage can and you get more points if you get the frisbee inside the garbage can.”

Keeton said it will be interesting to see how these new sports take off in comparison to the most popular sport, flag football. He said they have had to open up a new men’s league in football this year because the other leagues had too many teams.

“The biggest change I have seen in intramurals since I’ve been at Tech is the steady increase in players,” Keeton said.

This year the intramurals office had 107 flag football teams register and there is expected to be anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 players.

“We try to get more one-on-one time with the players to find out what they want out of the leagues,” Keeton said. “We found that if we work with the students directly and ask them what sports they want, we have a better turnout and everyone has a better time.”

                  Madison Chumley, a sophomore and intramural player at Tech, said she is excited to hear about the new intramural opportunities.