Microsoft updates email service

            Microsoft will finish upgrading Tennessee Tech’s email accounts from Live@edu to Office 365 within the next month.

            “Tech switched to Microsoft-hosted Live@edu in the fall of 2010,” Annette Littrell, director of information technology services, said. “No matter how you feel about Microsoft as a company, I think everybody has to give them credit for planning.”  

            The initial upgrade took place August 14 and will be complete in a few more weeks.

            “Microsoft is making a slight change to their backend servers within the next six weeks, but this will not affect students,” Littrell said.

            Littrel said that few students and alumni have reported problems resulting from the Office 365 upgrade.

“Out of the 34,000 e-mails we sent out about the upgrade, we only received about nine emails reporting problems,” Littrell said.

The SkyDrive service is now separate from student e-mail accounts.

“New students who registered after August 14 for this semester will have to set up SkyDrive separately,” Littrell said. “Future students coming to Tech will also have to set it up separately, but it is still free.”

Office 365 also has some aesthetic differences from Live@edu.

“With Office 365, we lost the ability to brand on the e-mail accounts,” Dwight Hutson, systems administrator, said. “Before, we could use TTU colors on the interface.”

            Changes in how students log in to their accounts are also coming in the future.

            “The way students log in to the accounts will change, but not right now,” Hutson said. “Those changes probably won’t be announced until the spring.”