Off-campus party house gets shut down

A raucous party led four Tech students to begin the search for a new place to live after their house party got out of control over the weekend.

            Located just off Tech’s campus, the “Frisbee House”, located at 706 North Jefferson Avenue, has been a hot gathering spot in the party scene for Tech students over the past few years. This rental house has been home to a multitude of different social get-togethers including a New Year’s party, an unofficial Best Darn Major party and the end of the year “Murica Party”.

Frisbee House tenant Jacob May said parties at the house draw all crowds of people and have historically had upwards of 350 people in attendance.

Attendance is what created the issue with the most recent party. According to the Facebook event page, the Sept. 7 affair titled “That Party. At That House” only had 53 confirmed guests. Unfortunately, over 100 more party-goers showed up to the house causing indoor space to be nearly nonexistent.

“Our AC was broken. It was too hot inside,” said Thomas Gauci, Frisbee House resident. This caused guests to mostly congregate outside.

Police were called due to the number of people outside the house and the a traffic issue in the street.

“The street was pretty clogged. I know there were cars parked on each side and I saw people trying to pull through but it really wasn’t happening,” said May.

The residents of the house attempted to make people come inside to clear up the street and yard but it was no use; the police were called back a second time. This time the landlord was informed of the disturbance.

The residents of the house said landlord Joyce Moffett was unaware of the scale of the get-togethers that were taking place on her property. Having full evidence against her tenants, Moffett shut down the party and promptly told them that they were no longer welcome in her house. She told the tenants to begin searching for new accommodations.

Gauci said they have until the first of October to be out of the house.

House resident Zach Freeman said, “[Tech] is a backpack campus because there is nothing to do on the weekends. There’s nothing to do on the weekends because people don’t throw parties.”

“I moved into a party house and I plan on continuing to party,” Freeman said.