Need a Job? Potential Employers to Come to TTU

Over 100 potential employers are expected to attend Tennessee Tech’s Career Day Oct. 3 in the RUC.  Director of Career Services Alice Camuti said that she is confident in the employer turnout for this semester’s career fair.

“The whole building will be infiltrated with potential employers,” Camuti said. “This year, we’re pretty confident that we’re going to have over 100 employers attend.”

Camuti said employer turnout may be a littler lower than last year, but the list is growing daily.

“Last year we had 123 employers attend,” Camuti said. “It was the second highest turnout in our history. It was just an awesome year.”

Camuti said that there are a wide variety of employers coming to the career fair.

“This is the fair that is the most diverse for all majors and all types of industries,” Camuti said. “The fair benefits all majors proportional to the amount of students in them.”

Camuti said students should check the website to help prepare for the career fair.

“Students should find out who is coming ahead of time,” Camuti said. “On our website, we have a list of all the employers attending, what majors they are recruiting for and what job title they are looking for, whether they are looking for interns or full-time positions.”

Camuti said that students should dress appropriately for the career fair because it will help them make a good impression.

“If you are looking for an internship you may want to step it up from your normal school clothes,” Camuti said. “If you are looking for a full-time position, you may want to wear a suit.”

Although the economy was been in rough shape the last few years, Camuti said she is optimistic about the future.

“The job market is better now,” Camuti said. “Sometimes you just have to go to where the jobs are.”

Students who are graduating soon may want to evaluate their options before they graduate.

“I’m graduating in the spring, so I probably need to go,” Michael Henson, mechanical engineering major, said.

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