South Patio Preacher is Back, Students Retaliate with Vandalism

Apparently the whole campus is going to hell, or at least that is what our friendly “South Patio Preacher” would like us all to think.

The sad thing about it is that many here are, but the way this man is going about trying to save people is wrong.  Christians are commanded to go unto all the world to preach the gospel, not condemn the very people who could help you.

Here is where I am turning against the students.

Students have no right to go onto public property and vandalize the sidewalk.  Advertising lunches and gatherings is one thing but going out and drawing pentagrams and Satanic altars around the place where the patio preacher stands is only giving him more credence.

This move by the students on this campus disgusts me. I went down as an investigative reporter/opinion writer on Tuesday morning and took pictures of the vandalism.

Freedom of speech does not cover what these students did. I disagree with the preacher, too, but instead of giving him more food for the fodder, I am voicing my heart and my opinion in a better fashion. I am praying over the whole thing.

I sat on South Patio on Monday and listened to the man. Some, yes, some of what he said is truth, but not the way he was delivering it. He is what the Bible, Jesus to be exact, calls a “white washed sepulcher”, “a den of vipers”, but how are we acting any differently when we are yelling right back?

If we really want this group to go away, we need to turn a deaf ear to his ranting and raving.  Ignore him. It will be okay.

 Now, here is my response to this “preacher.”

One, he is not welcome here and he needs to go away. To go along with that he needs to be careful how he approaches the people on this campus. He would have a better time at a NASCAR track than he does on this campus where we are taught to be very liberal in our thinking.

We are turning into a liberal arts college. We are taught to fight conventional teachings and learn things a new way. We know how to do research, especially on idiots who scream at us that we are all going to hell.

Finally, don’t bring up the President, abortion, and rape on a college campus. Especially not if the person is going to claim that women who are raped normally do  something to cause it to happen.

Stop pointing out our sin and point out the love of God.  Jesus had compassion on the sinner and all he said was to go and sin no more. Let he who has no sin cast the first stone. Judge yourself lest you be judged. I can go on and on but I know our friendly “preacher” doesn’t care.

As I close this article I just feel a need to pray. I pray for peace on this campus. I pray this man truly comes to the Lord and learns to be quiet and study to show himself approved.

I pray that this man’s audacity sparks a flame and revival of the true word of God. I pray that if he infuriated you, you go and study up so the next time you hear someone talking about the “South Patio Preacher” you can prove this man wrong and show people God’s true light.

I pray that we can truly be salt and light to the world. Leave people thirsty for more of this truth and make what this guy does seem insignificant and unworthy of their time.