Shiver Me Cardboard

Tech Wars held its first battle of the semester Monday night when residents raced to the finish line in The Cardboard Boat Race.

Over 300 students came to the Fitness Center swimming pool to watch members of the residence halls race their cardboard boats across the water. All the boats were designed and built by residents.

These students, however, weren’t the only ones getting involved. President Phil Oldham, Residential Life Director Charlie Macke, and Director of Student Services Mark Oschernbein judged the boats in various categories such as “Best Hall Pride”, “Best Sink”, and “Best Named Boat.”

Oldham said the idea of being a judge sounded like fun and that an event like this is beneficial for Residential Life.

 “I think any time you get together and have some fun together it helps build community, a sense of togetherness,” said Oldham. “You get to know each other in a different way than just walking down the hall and seeing each other. It’s a shared experience.”

The New Halls dominated the “Fastest Time” category. New Hall South placed first and New Hall North had placements with two of their boats, finishing second and third. All other results in the other categories will be placed on the Tech Wars board on the second floor of the RUC.

To find out more information on upcoming events in Tech Wars, talk to an assistant coordinator from any residence hall.