TKE Car Wash Saved by the Sun

Tech’s Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter held a car wash fundraising event Saturday in hopes of raising money for improvements to their house. Junior and fundraising chair Jacob Alea said he came up with the idea of hosting a car wash to raise money to fund new additions to the TKE house.  

“The house wasn’t in need of anything to be repaired. However, we just wanted to raise money so we could add a few things to help make the house look all around nicer,” said Alea.

“The money was not a necessity, but it will go to smaller details like new carpet, a new lawnmower and other touch-up items around the house that will enhance the appeal to newcomers that already enjoy the atmosphere of the house,” said Alea.

Things did not go exactly as planned for the brothers of TKE, though. The brothers said they had heard about the inclement weather a few days in advance but felt obligated to fulfill their promise and host a car wash.

Despite the rain, they still managed to bring in five cars. When the sun finally came out halfway through the day, another 10 to 15 cars arrived to show their support for the brothers of TKE.

Among those were five faculty members including Mark Groundland, director of foreign language and Chuck Craig, education adviser.

“The idea came from teachers who said they would be willing to pay good money for a carwash, and that they would be willing to support us as long the money went towards beneficial additions for the house.” said Alea.

TKE is still happy with the turnout for the fundraiser. The brothers managed to raise $150 from supporters who showed and hope to raise more the next time they host an event. There is not a set date for their next fundraising event. However, Alea said they more than likely won’t host one again this fall due to weather, but the fraternity is looking forward to having another car wash event in the Spring.