Frustrations Over Shutdown Tactics

I want to be a member of Congress when I grow up, because it seems right now that the job description is being a whiny, lazy brat. I hope yoga pants aren’t against the dress code! But seriously, Republicans. Was “must not play well with others” in the job requirements?

Obamacare passed and, because of that, the health insurance industry can no longer dip into our pockets for numerous, often made-up reasons. We cannot be denied insurance for pre-existing conditions, not that our pre-existing conditions have anything to do with our ability to pay out insurance premiums.

That problem rests with the blatant pocket padding of the insurance companies at the expense of the working class.  Obamacare is not only a good thing, but it’s already a law – it’s not a bill anymore. Shocker!

I can’t decide which issue is more offensive to the Republican party (politicians and constituents), or which one I’m more irritated about. Is it the fact that people will be able to afford decent health care, therefore possibly improving their standard of living, or the fact that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition?

Neither of those are intense demands. People can better live the American dream by not sacrificing all of their income on the altar of health insurance, and women can have access to care specific for their gender – something men have had for decades, if not centuries.

If some old dude can have his Viagra covered, then I should be able to have my oral contraceptives covered as well. Both can be purchased for their extensive health benefits outside of sex, and both can be purchased solely in pursuit of a good time.   

I don’t mean this editorial to be blatantly pro-Obamacare (even though that is my position) because that’s not the source of our current political woes. It is only this week’s rallying cry. The problem is that our current political climate is one in which compromise is anathema.

I do, however, wholeheartedly blame the Tea Party and radical factions of the Republican party for this. Fiscally conservative, want to stay home and take care of our own problems, not the whole world’s? I gotcha. Saving money and staying home is my mantra every Saturday night. But getting rid of the government PERIOD because you don’t want to be told what to do? Grow up.

Our still-healing economy is going to take another gunshot wound at the hands of the Party that claims to care about the people’s pocketbooks. Is the reasonable insurance of 20% of our population really worth laying off more than 700,000 federal employees? Maybe we’ll be a Triple-Dip Recession or, even better, a full-blown Depression.

The last time we had such a last-minute agreement, Standard and Poor’s downgraded us a level. Currently, the credit score of the United States is AA+, less than the United Kingdom or Germany.     

For the good of our country and your party, Congressional Republicans need to free themselves from the tyrannical grip of radical fellow Republicans. Kick out the Tea Party and the Libertarians – anyone who disdains to give a helping hand to those in need, or admit that they didn’t have that great of an idea.

Compromise isn’t going to make you happy, but no one’s happy all the time. Not even President Obama and the Democrats.

I just don’t get it, Congressional Republicans. I really don’t. You claim to care about Americans, and then deliberately pursue policies that are detrimental to our physical and economic well being.

From gun control to contraceptives to gay rights and now Obamacare, it seems all you really want to do is complain and moan. We the People (hey, remember us?!) are sick and tired of a hung Congress who refuses to compromise when a faction doesn’t get its way.

It has been four years of gridlock, with no economic prosperity or enlightened laws to show for it. Either get to work or get out of Washington. Maybe you should go back to grade school for good citizenship classes.