Government Shutdown Affects More Than Just Public Officials

When the government shuts down, it’s the people under the government systems that are affected first.  My middle brother happens to be one of these people who are affected.

He is a veteran Marine with a wife and four kids. He provides the only source of income for his family through his job at the Veteran’s Association. Because of this extreme, poorly timed government shutdown, my brother is working without pay.           

CNNclaims the Veteran’s Association is completely or partially open, but the people who work there aren’t getting paid.

This screams of a form of taxation without representation. The government might have shut down but the people who help fund it go without pay.

I hate to admit it, but I am really starting to wish Robin Hood did exist, at least in the form of a congressman who actually cares and will fight for all of us against what seems to be a very corrupted government system that was created to protect the people.

 Whether we like it or not our government is beginning to fail us. It began with a socialistic medical system and now they shut themselves down again. My biggest question is this – are any of them taking a pay cut? Most likely they are not.

If I sound angry it is because I am. We all have a right to make our voices heard, but the government doesn’t seem to listen to the people like you and me. We voted them in and they are all failing miserably.

“One nation under God,” yet divided we fall. This nation is falling apart and it is starting at our nation’s capitol. It started falling apart years ago in the small towns and now it is falling to larger cities.

The government is supposed to help us, but instead they are shutting down jobs and still possibly taking money anyway?

How is it fair to the people like you and me? We, as college students, know what it is to have freedoms but these freedoms are slowly being taken away. It started with our right to bare arms. What’s next, freedom of speech? What about the freedom to live without tyranny and the right to believe, too?

So many questions and not enough answers. I do have one solution. If you know me, you know what I am about to say. Pray. We were founded as a Christian nation under one God. No matter what anyone else says about our nation, we are a God-fearing nation.

So now I call all the Christians out there – alumni, faculty, students, staff, and friends who read the newspapers or watch the news. I urge you to pray. Pray for this nation. Pray for a solution and that our men and women in government see reason and put an end to this stupidity.

I pray for a revival of the Christians not only on this campus but also in our community at large. We must begin to pray and never cease.

I know I tend to repeat myself, but it is worth it if one person heeds the call, even if that person is I alone, though I pray there will be more.