Hippogriffs Rein Supreme Over Thestrals in First Home Game of Season

The TTU Golden Hippogriffs quidditch team defeated the Middle Tennessee State University Blue Thestrals 2-0 Sunday. The Golden Hippogriffs more than doubled the Blue Thestral’s score in their first home game of the season.

Through the course of both games, Tech outscored the MTSU Blue Thestrals.  In the “Muggle realm” of quidditch, players dub a specific person to dress in all gold and run anywhere outside on campus. In the second game, the Golden Hippogriffs held a 150 point advantage, but the game ended when the Blue Thestrals caught the 30 point snitch. The Hippogriffs are excited about the rest of their upcoming season.

“We did very well for our first game,” said captain Kellie Davis. “Last year we finished second in our region. This year we are aiming for first. Our ultimate goal is the Quidditch World Cup.”

MTSU is still working to establish its quidditch team.

“This is the first time we have had a chance,” said MTSU quidditch parent Russel South. “Last year, we didn’t even have a bench. We only had enough players to put on the field.”

Tech and MTSU are in the same south region as schools like Belmont University and various southern Florida teams.