“I now have to find a new path to take”

With the closure of the ROTC program at TTU, I now have to find a new path to take, including making the decision on whether or not to stay at this university. My options have now been narrowed down to leaving TTU for an affordable school that offers both an accredited nursing program and an ROTC program or to stay at Tech and risk the chance of being deployed with my unit before I finish my degree. While the obvious choice would be to leave Tech behind to have a secure chance to finish nursing school, the prices of many of the other schools are simply out of reach for me and Tech has been the only school that I have wanted to go to since I was fifteen.

The decision to close Tech’s ROTC program will also deter so many potential students from the university simply because of the absence of the program. There are many others in my shoes who only have the option of joining the military and such a program simply to get to college because they have no other possible means to pay for it, and by closing the program the Army is going to miss out on some great individuals who would do well if they were given the opportunity.