“The Golden Eagle Battalion will finish strong”

The shutdown of The Golden Eagle Battalion that is set to take place with the last commissioning class being spring semester 2015 is very unfortunate. Affecting all TTU cadets in a different way, the MS III & IV (Military Science Levels 3 & 4) cadets will exhibit the least amount of changes while the freshmen and sophomore cadets will be stuck with the ultimatum of transferring to another school that will continue their ROTC program or withdrawing completely and continuing education as a civilian. Although the effects that the upper level cadets will witness seem minimal in comparison to the lower level cadets, changes will be seen. As a result of the choice that the MS I & II’s are forced to face, we will be stuck with a minimal amount of cadets to carry out leadership training with, which may prove to be problematic in creating life-like situations to develop our cadets. Despite the circumstances that we face, like the Warrior Ethos that have been engraved in our minds, we will not give up; The Golden Eagle Battalion will finish strong, prepare our MS III cadets for LDAC (Leadership Development Assessment Course), and continue to produce quality Officers until its completion.