‘The Walking Dead’ returns, is most viewed show on TV this season

After people from Woodbury were rescued, the compound was claimed as home and The Governor fled, we were left to wonder how season four of “The Walking Dead” was going to begin.

Homegrown vegetables, story time and blue skies disguise themselves as a comfortable habitat for our friendly apocalypse survivors in the series opening. The season premiere had “become so tranquil that lawman Rick could contemplate a semblance of order to his makeshift farm,” as stated in “TIME” this week. However, a strange, eerie tone is overtaking as the show is now developing a further problem: infection.

A saboteur is present on the compound and is seen to be feeding rats to the walkers on the other side of the fence, possibly displaying the root problem of this epidemic.

What was once a disaster separated by barbed wire has now become an internal problem within the community of survivors. A new breed of walkers is emerging. They are “calling this new breed of zombies the woggers: they’re faster than walkers, but they don’t quite jog; they move at a walk-jog-a wog.”

Not only are these “woggers” catching symptoms differently than before, but they are intelligent in their forms of execution. When Patrick took his first unlucky victim in this week’s episode, he went straight for the throat to hush his victim from screaming.

As an infectious race appears on the scene, we are also battling an inner and more destructive issue: the vandal. The end of this week’s episode set up a downhill escapade of questions without answers.

Pitiable Tyreese walks down the jailhouse corridor with flowers in hand, only to find carnage and blood ultimately tracing back to his much dead girlfriend, Karen-thus illustrating significant damage control in the future episodes.

We were led to believe that Karen was catching on to the virus, but it appears as though someone on the inside decided her fate before that could have been made so.

As questions are now multiplying like woggers, we can rest assured that fans are just as infected to watching “The Walking Dead” this season as the victims in the compound.

The season 4 premiere of the series garnered 16.1 million viewers and over 20 million for the entire night. In the coveted 18-49 demographic, it scored a 10.4. The demographic ratings are bigger than any show on TV this fall, network or cable. The second episode of the season dropped down to 13 million viewers, but still averaged 16 million for the entire night.

Show creators are being quite as to what to expect this season, but they do say each episode builds on the other. Slowly, but surely panic and chaos will swarm the survivors again and they will have to fight for their lives.