Homecoming Week is all Fun and Games

As Homecoming Week came to a close Saturday night, winners were announced and awards were handed out in Tucker Stadium.

The overall winners of the 2013 Homecoming competitions were partners Alpha Delta Pi sorority and Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Allison Boshears of Phi Mu and Matthew Bimsteim of the Percussion Club were announced 2013 Homecoming King and Queen.

“Homecoming Queen is such an amazing honor,” said Boshears. “Court this year was full of amazing women and campus leaders that give so much to Tennessee Tech. After four years and all of the opportunities Tech has given me, I am so excited to represent them as their Homecoming Queen for 2013.”

Katie Williams, coordinator of Student Activities, said a few changes were made for the 2013 Homecoming that were successful and increased overall participation.

This year, the Homecoming committee created two divisions for the Homecoming competitions instead of one. The committee formed a student organization division and a residential life division.

“Residence hall participation has been steadily building over the last few years, and this year was probably the best residence hall participation we’ve ever had,” said Williams.

Williams said increased participation could be attributed to the new residential life division. The halls may compete against each other exclusively and also earn points for Tech Wars through Homecoming participation.

Williams also said the Homecoming games were different this year than they have been, previously. This year, students played a version of the popular game show competition, Minute-to-Win It. In this event, students were given 60 seconds to complete a series of tasks while competing against each other.

“The competitions were very competitive this year, and the points separating first, second and third were only spaced out by 15 points,” said Williams. “I’m used to seeing one team run away with it, but that was not the case this year.”

The canned food drive was another one of the many successes in this year’s Homecoming, bringing in a total of 30,000 pounds of canned food that was distributed to nine different pantries in the area.

Organizations that donated over 30 pounds of food per member received first place points for the competition.

“Overall, I think that this year’s Homecoming went very well,” said Williams. “It was definitely full of spirit and the closest Homecoming, point wise, I can recall.”