New Spot for Bikes Raises Concern of Bike Rack Continuity

After multiple assessments of areas around campus, Facilities and Business Services installed two additional bicycle racks across from Clement Hall Wednesday in hopes of satisfying student needs for additional bicycle parking.

 “As the campus becomes more pedestrian, the objective is to provide ample bike parking facilities,” Kevin Tucker, director of Horticulture and Grounds, said. “We found bicycle racks that weren’t being used on campus and we thought we would relocate them centrally so that they could facilitate not only Clement, but the library, University Center and Foster Hall.”

Facilities determined through their assessments that the racks located at South Hall and Student Health Services in the Nursing Building were barely being used. In response, the decision was made to relocate them to a busier part of campus.

Tucker hopes to implement one official style of bicycle racks on campus as there are currently up to 23 different styles being used.

“We’re looking for some continuity in the future and something that will add some class and distinguish the campus even more,” Tucker said.

 Another rack will be installed on Peachtree Avenue across from the library as well as in front of Foster Hall.

Tucker identified the next step as developing a census of students that ride bicycles on campus to help determine how many more racks will be needed. Through coordination with Admissions next semester, he plans to incorporate questions such as “Do you ride a bicycle? If so, how frequently is it parked on campus?” to help determine a general idea of the student need.

Facilities plans to conduct open forums with students to discuss landscape and site improvements in hopes of making campus as user friendly as possible.

“I’d love to share the objectives of what we are looking to do and receive student input,” Tucker said.

 Facilities also plans to implement a volunteer landscape program where students interested in campus beautification can put together group projects they would aim to complete each semester.