Month: October 2013


Volleyball Still Looking for First Conference Win of 2013 Campaign

Coming off a tough loss last weekend in their home opener, the Golden Eagles will continue OVC play today as they head west for a 7 p.m. matchup against UT Martin. Tech recorded its first OVC loss last Friday in a nail-biting 3-2 finish against Murray State. The Golden Eagles […]


Frustrations Over Shutdown Tactics

I want to be a member of Congress when I grow up, because it seems right now that the job description is being a whiny, lazy brat. I hope yoga pants aren’t against the dress code! But seriously, Republicans. Was “must not play well with others” in the job requirements? […]


Government Shutdown Affects More Than Just Public Officials

When the government shuts down, it’s the people under the government systems that are affected first.  My middle brother happens to be one of these people who are affected. He is a veteran Marine with a wife and four kids. He provides the only source of income for his family […]