ABC Scores with New Comedies

Finally, ABC has a Tuesday night comedy hour that works. I am in love with its new comedies ‘The Goldbergs’ and ‘Trophy Wife’. These two shows fit and flow together wonderfully. Tuesday nights on ABC, beginning at 9/8 central, is an hour of television filled with laugh out loud fun and awesome writing and acting that provides audiences with constant laughter.

The first half of the hour begins with ‘The Goldbergs’. Based on the life of creator Adam Goldberg and set in the 80s, it has been exactly what I had hoped for – freaking hilarious. The family comedy is nonstop fun and connects easily with viewers. Casting for the show is right on the money. Jeff Garlin and Wendi McLendon-Covey play Murray and Beverly Goldberg, Adam’s parents. Garlin is perfection in the role of Murray, and I appreciate his shouting. McLendon-Covey is my sprit animal in this show and she’s got my vote for best new TV mother of the year. She brings a certain controlling, loveable nature to the character that shines through the screen and one cannot help but love her. Her antics to mothering her children are flat out hilarious. She slays in every way and I want her to hug me.

One reason I love this show is because of the 80s nostalgia that it brings to life. With that being said, I was not alive in the 80s, nor was I even a thought, but I have always enjoyed learning and looking back at that era. The music, films, and overall way of life from that decade is enthralling to me. The show has a special way of bringing that all together in 30 minutes to invite the audience into a past time that truly makes them feel as if they are back in 1980 something.

The rest of the cast includes: Troy Gentile and Hayley Orrantia as Adam’s siblings Barry and Erica, Sean Giambrone, who portrays Adam, and George Segal as Albert ‘Pops’ Solomon, Beverly’s dad. They, and the aforementioned cast, all contribute to make 30 minutes of great television. ‘The Goldbergs’ airs Tuesday nights on ABC at 9/8 Central.

Coming on right after is the surprise hit, ‘Trophy Wife’. Now, to start off, I have to apologize to everyone involved with the show as I wrote it off before it even aired. I did not include it in my “TV shows to keep an eye on” articles back in September. It flew completely under my radar. Looking back now, I was an idiot.

After the pilot of ‘The Goldbergs’ aired, I decided to watch it because my next show did not come on until 9 p.m. Not only did I find myself laughing at almost every scene, I completely fell for this show. It is one of those shows that maybe does not have the best title necessarily, but is a solid show. ‘Cougar Town’ for instance fits in the same boat, with having a bad title, but I have loved that show since episode one and have never missed a scene. This show is luring me in just the same way.

Kate (Malin Akerman) finds herself as an instant stepmom after falling in love with a Pete (Bradley Whitford) with 3 diverse children (Bailee Madison, Ryan Lee, and Albert Tsai) and two crazy ex-wives (Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins).

This show is packed with hysterical moments episode after episode, scene after scene. It has grown week to week into a more complete show, with a talented cast. I cannot even begin to describe how good their chemistry is and how well they complement one another. From top to bottom, each cast member brings a fun, new characteristic to the series that makes for excellent television. Harden’s character, Diane, is my sprit animal as well. The tactics she employs as a parent are some of the same things I could foresee myself doing one day. I applaud all of her schemes.

Ackerman and Whitford make for a hilarious couple who are head over heels in love with one another. The two scene stealers of the show are Watkins and Tsai. This mother – son duo is so good together and so good in scenes without each other.

The show also stars Natalie Morales who brings her comedic talent to the show as the witty, fun loving best friend of Kate. “Trophy Wife” airs at 9:30/8:30 central time on ABC.