Get Fit with Trainers

The Fitness Center at TTU will be offering personal training sessions starting Nov. 11.

“Personal training is something that has been offered in the past but hasn’t been done in quite some time,” said TTU Health Promotions Program Coordinator Abbey Jaffe.“We have had a lot of interest from members and students, so I think there will be a lot of people actually participating in the program. We are very excited about it and it’s going to be great.”

            Participants will have the option to train one-on-one with a solo trainer, alongside a partner or with a group of three or more.

“We have realized that people can be less self-motivated without a coach there,” Jaffe said. “The idea is to get people in the gym and to have a coach with them so they are pushing themselves a little bit harder than they would if they were working out by themselves.”

Sessions will last no longer than one hour but can be split into 30 minute halves if so desired by the participants. 

“Everybody’s sessions and routines are going to be different with their specific trainers,” Jaffe said. “No one person is going to be doing the same thing as someone else because everybody is different and everybody deserves to have an individualized program. If there is any piece of equipment in this fitness center that can be utilized by an individual, it will be used in personal training; anything from dumbbells to cardiovascular equipment to the pool. If people want to incorporate things like basketball or racquetball into their sessions, we can definitely make that happen, too.”

            Freshman Kayla Dean is looking forward to having the option of a personal trainer at the Fitness Center.  

“I am really excited that Tech is offering the opportunity to have personal trainers,” Dean said. “I have always found that I push myself harder in a work out if I have someone there keeping me focused and on track. It’s awesome that you can tell The Fit ‘these are the results I want to see’ and then they design a program for you to be successful.”

Rates start at $35 for a single session. Partner sessions cost $20 per participant and the group rate is $15 per person. Punch cards will also be available for single session participants at a discounted price of four punches for $120.

All transactions and scheduling will be done through the Health Promotions Programs office and staff in the Fitness Center.