Guess Who’s Back?

John McGlone and his team of open-air preachers made their second appearance of the semester on South Patio Wednesday.

This is the third time Pinpoint Evangelism has visited Tech’s campus in less than a year.

For some students, it was the first time they had acknowledged the preachers and stopped to listen to what they had to say. While most students ignored the speakers, several said that they did not appreciate the way that the preachers spoke to them about their beliefs.

“Some of the stuff he says is true and I agree with very little of it,” said Caleb Anderson. “But I don’t agree with how he goes about it. I’m also really surprised that there aren’t as many people around today. Usually a lot of people are out here.

“I’m only out here because I have class in thirty minutes and have nothing better to do,” Anderson said.

This is a change of pace for students compared to the two most recent visits from the evangelists. In the past, students have gathered around in hoards on South Patio to hear the preaching.

However, most students tended to continue walking by Wednesday.

“I generally haven’t stopped to listen to them,” said Allison Geer, a sophomore student. “I heard them talk last time and was offended when one preacher told me I would be condemned. While they were talking today, I just kept walking with my headphones in.”

Other students seemed intrigued by them and what they had to say, but still said they believed the preachers to be slightly eccentric.

“I think these guys are crazy, but he’s kind of interesting to listen to,” said senior Seth McDonald.

“It just isn’t worth it to give them the attention they want,” said sophomore Cecilia Monroe.  “They aren’t preaching the truth. I feel like they stereotype [young adults] and judge us all as a whole.”