“I would like to commend English Department Secretary Linda Fisk for her diligence”

In response to the article titled “Standing Room Only” from the November 1, 2013 edition of The Oracle, I would like to commend English Department Secretary Linda Fisk for her diligence in providing a safe environment.

Teaching two first-year composition classes, in addition taking courses in Henderson Hall, I often must navigate the building quickly from the basement to the top floor.  In years past, the resting bodies of students burdened with the arduous toil of marching from their distant car or even more distant dormitory forced feats of deft agility from me and other inhabitants of Henderson Hall.  I’ve witnessed twists, turns, jukes, jives, and even one jump over the quivering mass of an enervated student sprawled precariously on the floor.

I thank God every day for retaining all my physical and mental faculties.  Without them, I would have tumbled down staircases more than once, as I have numerous times stumbled over two students, sitting side-by-side, regaining their strength on the stairs following their long sojourn from far off lands, such as South Hall.

I cannot imagine the experiences of impaired students, faculty, and staff in the same situations.  Nor can these poor, struggling able-bodied students languishing like Pheidippides following his run from Marathon to Athens.

As such, I thank Mrs. Fisk for taking this initiative by promoting a safe environment and her diligence in doing so despite bombastic, boorish, and churlish remarks comparing her to fascist war criminals by some of our enlightened students and endorsed by The Oracle through news page publication.  I implore anyone who enjoys the ability to easily, and safely, navigate Henderson Hall to thank Mrs. Fisk, as well.