Day: November 7, 2013


Guess Who’s Back?

John McGlone and his team of open-air preachers made their second appearance of the semester on South Patio Wednesday. This is the third time Pinpoint Evangelism has visited Tech’s campus in less than a year. For some students, it was the first time they had acknowledged the preachers and stopped […]


ROTC is Back in Action

Tech is one of 13 schools nationwide that will continue its ROTC program after being informed of program closures last month. Tech’s ROTC program was one of 13 programs across the nation that was identified for closure which appeared to be linked to a budget decision and the Army’s desire […]


Rocky Horror Sells Out Backdoor Playhouse

It was hard for those who came late to find a chair at the Rocky Horror Show. With lines out the door, excited playgoers scrambled to find a seat at the sold out show.  The show kicked off on Halloween night with ushers in fishnets, heels, and makeup escorting individuals […]