Post Office Poses Problems

Several students have run into trouble this semester when dealing with their campus mailboxes.

Freshman Gabriella Farley said she had trouble opening her campus mailbox at the beginning of the school year. She said at first she was confused about which box was hers and then there was a problem with her key code.  

­”My code wasn’t working,” said Farley.

Unable to gain entrance to her mailbox, Farley informed the post office staff and they opened her box for her from the back. Farley said the staff then gave her the contents of the box.

However, she said once she got back to her residence hall, the contents of the box surprised her. 

“I thought it was a little weird when I got a card that said ‘Happy birthday from the math department’ because I’m not in the math department,” Farley said. “I had all this mail addressed to Kyle Carter. I still need to get that back to him.”

Additionally, there have been rumors around campus that claim multiple students are assigned to the same box.

Don Davis, Director of Printing Services and the Post Office said that this a security issue and is untrue of the campus post office.

He did say that there are more students than there are mailboxes.

“We haven’t had enough mailboxes,” said Davis. “Over 300 students went without boxes this year.”  

Davis said because of this, 300 students received refunds of their $16 post office fee.

Some students said they have found additional problems with the campus post office system.

“I’ve been told that the lock on my box would be fixed since day one and it’s not happened yet. I am now a sophomore,” said student Chase Hamblen. “They are very helpful, otherwise.”

“The boxes are older and students have a hard time opening [them],” said Davis.

Davis hopes that increased funding and future campus improvements will make the post office a more useable resource for students as time progresses.

“Our goal is to serve the students,” Davis said.