ROTC is in the Clear… for Now

Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013 marks one of the most amazing days for this school.

After the shocking revelation from the Army at the beginning of October about our R.O.T.C. program being one of 13 schools slated for shutdown, our school went into overdrive to help these students out.

The students in the R.O.T.C. have behaved admirably during this time of stress and even a little duress. But, all of the hard work by the University and all of the news coverage has paid off.

All 13 of the programs slated for shutdown have been given two years to make improvements and show the Army they are worth every dime.

In my opinion and the Tech’s R.O.T.C.’s impeccable history, I believe they can do it! The group of students in the program now is dedicated and I am sure they will help make the program grow.

Honestly, this proposal by the Army is an answer to many prayers. Thank you to every one who believed in this program and worked to get the decision overturned.

Dr. Oldham, a special thanks to you for fighting for these students and this long-standing tradition of excellence.

Now, to the students, actually cadets, get to work. The decision will be based on you. You all do a wonderful job, but now is when push comes to shove and I know you all can do it.