South Patio Preacher Returns Too Soon

As I am sure everyone knows by now, the South Patio screaming preacher returned to campus this week.

 All I can say to this is how poorly timed this visit was. It is one thing for them to appear at the beginning of the semester when classes haven’t really gotten underway, but it is totally another when they disrupt us with five weeks to finals.

However, I will make my comment on this subject anyway. First, the preachers need to stop yelling at us. We are pretty much innocent bystanders.

Next, they need to stop yelling “Jesus will take your sins away.” It is only true when you first become a believer. His blood that was shed at Calvary washed us white as snow, but that is only for our past sins, not the ones to come. Once a person accepts Jesus into his or her heart, it is his or her job to make the decision not to sin any more. And trust me, it isn’t easy, but it gets easier if you rely on Jesus.

Finally, thank you, students. Thank you for not fueling this overzealous group of “Christians.” They are nothing but trouble because they go seeking trouble. (Ambien) You all were the bigger people for not engaging their stupidity.

The last thing I wish to say on this matter is this – maybe Tech should consider making a rule for groups coming onto campus from outside of the Upper Cumberland Area. Maybe it should say something like “they can only come once a semester and only at the beginning.”

This is a place of education. We don’t need stupid distractions like these guys any more.