Big Smo sets Cowboys Aglow

The Yung J and Big Smo Concert at Cowboys on Nov. 13 brought in a crowd of over 400 people.

The majority of the fans arrived around 7:30 p.m. and Yung J opened for Big Smo around 9:00 p.m. Big Smo’s girlfriend made a guest appearance on stage as he got down on one knee and proposed during the middle of the concert, receiving many cheers from the audience. 

Tiffany Jones, a Cookeville resident and Big Smo fan, said she was brought to tears when he proposed.

“When Big Smo proposed, I literally cried,” Jones said. “It was so sweet that he did that on stage in front of everybody. It really set the mood for the whole night and seemed to make the crowd celebrate even more. Big Smo was amazing. I had a great time and I even bought a shirt.” 

Jeremy Raider, a Cookeville residents and attendee, said he thought that the night was a like a big redneck, backwoods party.

“It was getting rowdy,” Raider said. “I think all the rednecks from the Upper Cumberland came out to drink and watch Big Smo. Big Smo’s songs are all about whiskey, girls, the country and partying it up. How could you not have a hell of a time?”

Morgan Scott, the member of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity who set up the event, said he was very pleased with the outcome of the night.

“This was a lot bigger turnout than I expected,” Scott said. “I thought that it would be mostly teenagers but there was more of an older crowd here tonight. I am really excited that this event was so successful. It has been great working with Cowboys and the artists to put on this concert and everyone who came out seemed to have a good time. I think Big Smo should have opened for Yung J, though. Yung J was getting it.”

Miranda Godwin, a freshmen student and friend of Yung J, agrees with Scott and said she thinks Yung J’s performance was better. 

“I was getting pretty hype,” Godwin said. “It was getting crazy up there. I know Yung J really well and he did so good.”

Jonathan Ramsey, an older Cookeville Resident, didn’t particularly like either artist.

“Yung J was just plain terrible,” Ramsey said. “I felt like he was out of breath or he forgot his words half the time and Big Smo’s songs all sound the same – loud and in-your-face. Good thing I am only here for the drinks. The beer flows no matter who is up there playing.”