Campus Stache Shaves Profits for Charity

Campus Stache is back on campus to supply students with customizable clothing and accessories and well as make a contribution to charity.

Brittnee and Andrew Robinson, a brother-sister-duo, started the brand a little over a year ago right in their own home.  The pair came up with the idea at the beginning of last summer and launched the website Aug. 8 of the same year.

“We just thought it would be a cool thing to do, we had never seen it before,” said Brittnee Robinson, creator of Campus Stache custom pockets. “We just thought about idea of completely customizing your front pocket, why not, you know?”

Brittnee said the idea of the pocket came from visits to the fabric store where she saw different sample fabrics that she liked.

 It was the start of a business. Campus Stache released 20 different types of pockets. Brittnee makes all pockets by hand, as well as the company’s other customized items. She has also designed some of the patterns the company uses for their pockets, making the designs exclusive to Campus Stache.

 “At first, we just thought T-shirts,” said Brittnee Robinson. “Then we expanded that to tank tops and sweatshirts. Now, we have a children’s line along with a golf line.”

Along with T-shirts and their children’s line, the pair has also created a line of bow ties, backpacks, key chains and hats.

“Our over-reaching goal from the get-go, kinda going along with the name ‘Campus Stache’ is to meet your campus needs,” said student Andrew Robinson, co-creator to Campus Stache. “Tablet cases, make-up bags, phone cases, things like that. We are just trying to branch out to meet all the needs of students.”

Andrew said they are currently trying to expand their “Campus Woof” collection also by adding dog leashes.

Campus Stache has also partnered with the Blood: Water Mission in order to help others who are in desperate need of help cleaning and purifying their water supply.

“When we were deciding what organization to partner with, it was between two,” said Brittnee Robinson.  “We picked Blood: Water Mission because they give all the their donations to those who need them, not keeping any for themselves.”

They chose this organization due to the fact they are locally based in Nashville, which is near where the siblings’ hometown. 

“There is so much they can do with just little amounts that we given to them,” said Andrew Robinson.  “I heard on the radio that only $1 will provide fresh water to a family for a month. That is just incredible.”

For every purchase that is made, Campus Stache donates 15 percent of the profits to the Blood: Water Mission in hopes of impacting as many people as they can with their donations. 

“Further along, we hope we can one day make some face to face contact,” said Andrew Robinson.  “We hope that eventually down the road, we can actually go to Africa and help dig a well and meet some of the people we have helped over the years.”

The pair has linked their company website the Blood: Water Mission for anyone who may be interested in donating or learning more about the Blood: Water Mission. All Campus Stache products are available online at