Freshman Senate Leads Charge for Progress

Two freshman senators are not leaving the proposals solely to upperclassmen this semester. Nick Russell and Will Gabelman proposed extensive bills with campus-changing potential at Tuesday’s SGA meeting. 

Deemed the “Volpe Library Standing Desk Act of 2013”, freshman senator Nick Russell proposed the bill in response to the health risks students may face associated with sitting for long periods of time while they study.

“Sitting for a long time can cause cardiac disease. A study was done by Johns Hopkins Medicine showing that people who sit for long periods of time have higher chances of obesity or cardiac problems,” Russell said.

He also mentioned research regarding how standing affects the habits and moods of individuals as they study.

“There was another psychological study done. Whenever you stand up, you have more confidence and you’re more involved. Standing has been scientifically proven to change your physiology and increase study effectiveness,” he said.

A model currently retailed by Focal Upright Furniture influenced his proposal for the desk’s design.

After further discussion, the bill passed unanimously.

Students can expect the library to implement at least four standing desk stations equipped with a white board and motorized height adjustments by next semester.

Senator Gabelman’s proposal of the “Utilization of the Information Access Act of 2013” did not pass.

His bill would have required professors to use either the available technology such as iLearn and Dropbox rather than requiring students to pay extra fees for alternative software programs.

Professors would still be able to use the outside technology such as Tophat Monocle, OWL and My Math Lab but would have to make a note of this fee prior to student registration.

“Some of these hidden fees were up to $300” Gabelman said, “Students plan for buying expensive books but access fees cannot be avoided if they’re needed to take tests.”

Gabelman is currently working on a similar follow-up bill with necessary adjustments.