Miley Cyrus Continues her Fall from Grace

Excuse me while you’re still washing your eyes clean of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video, but I think you may want some extra soap. Cyrus is continuing to release her teen angst as she revolts all social norms.

 Last Sunday night, Miley publically smoked what appeared to be a joint on stage after her accepting her award for Best Video. “I couldn’t fit this award in my bag, but I did find this,” she said, seconds before pulling a supposed joint from her bag.After her performance, Cyrus tweeted, “‘Sometimes in life you just gotta decide to not give AF,’ presumably in response to all the attention following her controversial acceptance speech,” said Entertainment News the next day. 

Though Amsterdam was not only the host of this awards of event, but the originators of the marijuana-dispensing coffee shop, Cyrus does not have a good enough reason to be lighting one up on stage. No matter how outrageous and independent of a mold she’s trying to recreate, she is always going to have the Disney stigma of 12-year-old girls aspiring to be her.

Cyrus’s angst was said to be so controversial according to “MTV bosses that it was edited out of the show when it was aired in America,” said Daily Mail, a UK daily news magazine. However, “a 35-second clip of Miley lighting up later appeared on YouTube, giving US fans a chance to see the controversial moment.”

Contrary to popular belief, her fan base was not as supportive this time. Regarding her ambition to be too controversial, the majority of her Twitter fans were, “lambasting her for the decision to light up on stage.”

Cyrus has received continuous negative feedback this week from fans and followers that are disproving her lack of class. Just when we thought Miley’s bag of tricks were empty, she continues to pull out more, unfortunately.