Project Reality Runway Celebrates Fifth Year

The Women’s Center original Project Reality Runway event returns Tuesday for its fifth annual celebration of Love Your Body Day.

Students and faculty will model in clothes that express their individuality as veteran WTTU DJs Ariel Marlow and Drake Fenlon emcee the show. The emcees will give factoids and introduce each model.

“I like taking people who aren’t really happy with the idea of doing the runway but want to do it because they want to make a statement,” Diana Lalani, secretary of the Women’s Center, said.  “Then, after they do it, I like watching them light up and feel empowered by the experience.”

Audience members are encouraged to wear things that make them feel best, as well.  Lalani said the audience’s important role is supporting the PRR runway models.

“We all have something we give ourselves grief about, but the truth is we’re all miracles and this is just a way to help us realize that,” Lalani said. “We incorporate not only feeling good about yourself and your body, but also we incorporate diversity and recognize the beauty in everyone.  People are more than their bodies.”

Erica Dial is a Women’s Center student worker. She said the show has changed her perspective.

“I enjoy getting to show off my body and the things I love about it, as well as realizing that the parts I’m not so fond of are beautiful, too,” Dial said. “Project Reality Runway has definitely enabled me to see the beauty not only in myself, but in the people I am surrounded by.”

The event starts at 11 a.m. Nov. 19 in the RUC. Audience members are invited to come earlier to enjoy snacks, listen to music and read the informational displays offered by the Women’s Center.  At the end of the event, there will be a group shot with all the models and audience members that will be used on the BE-You-Tiful display outside the Women’s Center in Pennebaker, a portable display in the UC and on Facebook.