America Recycle Day Raises Awareness

The TTU Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) occupied South Patio during dead hour Nov. 14 as the group participated in a nationwide environmental awareness day.

The group passed out pro-recycling buttons, green eco-conscious water bottles, special event t-shirts and candy to those crossing South Patio. All of this was to done raise awareness about recycling. All items passed out, except the candy, were made from post-consumer recycled materials.

Visitors to the table received a water bottle along with a shirt and button. The Sustainable Campus Committee provided the bottles.

SEAC purchased the buttons and shirts for the event with money applied for through the S.O.L.O. fund.

Student and SEAC member Ben LaCroix designed the shirts that were handed out during America Recycles Day. The sky blue shirts feature a person listening to headphones created out of a system of roots. The bottom of the design has the phrase “Get Connected” prominently displayed.

Additionally, the button pins were green commemorative America Recycles Day themed button pins.

In addition to SEAC’s event on campus event, the Cookeville Clean Commission held a larger event with musical guests, games, and food in Dogwood Park on Saturday.

The event was bookended by two separate community trash pickups on Thursday and Sunday.

SEAC president Carolyn Huppmannsaid she hopes that all Tech students recycle.

“It is so easy,” said Huppmann. “Tech has done a lot to help students be more eco-friendly.”

Huppmann said with the bike share program, ample number of recycling bins, and water bottle filling stations spread across campus, she is surprised people still don’t recycle.

America Recycles Day is an event celebrated annually across the country as a part of the nonprofit Keep America Beautiful and partially funded by the Environmental Protection Agency.