Ellington Hall, Warf Hall to Close Over Break for Facelift

Ellington and Warf Residence Halls are set to close for renovation at the end of the semester.

Much like MS Cooper and Pinkerton Halls renovations last year, Ellington and Warf will have completely refurbished rooms and hallways.

Andrew Moneymaker, coordinator for Capital Quad, said the new look is already in place at MS Cooper and Pinkerton and is better than the old design.

“It’s cleaner looking, it’s nicer looking,” said Moneymaker. “It’s due time to ‘spread the love’ to all the other buildings.”

Moneymaker also said the renovation is part of a project to renovate all the older residence halls on campus.

“This is gonna be another 6-year project of a building going offline every year until it’s done,” said Moneymaker.

One might think the closing of a residence hall would create in a shortage in housing space and would yield a limited amount of RA positions available. However, Moneymaker said this loss in housing space would not significantly affect either of these areas.

“It doesn’t really affect it as much as everybody thinks mainly because in between the fall and spring semesters, we are always going to lose RAs [for various reasons].”

Moneymaker also said Residential Life placed several graduating RAs in Ellington and Warf so when it comes time to close the building, there will not be much of a transition. Five senior RAs will be graduating, leaving only three other RAs to be moved to other halls in the spring.

Moneymaker said the renovations will take place in the spring because there are less residents in the halls during the spring semester than in the fall semester. Therefore, housing space will not be a problem, despite the halls closing.

Ellington and Warf renovation will begin at the end of the fall semester and will be finished by August of 2014.