Snowglobes Shake Up TAB Tuesday

The Tech Activity Board and the Office of Communications & Marketing’s Photo Services teamed up last week for the annual Snow Globe Giveaway.

The giveaway was on the first floor of the RUC lobby from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday and Friday of last week.

Students had their pictures taken, printed, and placed into their own custom snow globe.

“The thing that sets this year apart from other years is the amount of snow globes that were given away,” says Katie Williams, coordinator of student activities.

TAB bought over 1,500 snow globes for this year’s giveaway, which cost $4,000 (just under five percent of TAB’s annual budget.)

“We’ve been doing this ever since I’ve been here, so probably eight years,” says Williams. “When we first started, we would order around 100 snow globes, and now it is one of the biggest giveaways we do all year.”

“The only giveaway that draws more of a crowd than the snow globes are the Build-A-Bears,” said Williams. The Build-A-Bears event takes place in the spring. 

Williams said TAB’s budget comes from a fee of almost $5 that is added to every student account. All of TAB’s giveaways and various other student activities come from this budget.

Kevin Anderson is a graduate student working in the Student Activities Office. Anderson sad TAB is putting out online applications this week for a spot on the TAB committee.

“There is a committee chair in charge of giveaways,” says Anderson. “They basically decide on the weekly giveaways, and the special giveaways like the snow globes and Build-A-Bears.”

For more information on TAB giveaways or how to apply for the TAB committee, visit the Student Activities Office in the RUC or go online at