New classes offered at Fit

The Tech Fitness Center is opening the spring semester by launching new fitness classes in which students can enroll.

The two most popular classes being introduced are Hip Hop Hustle and Insanity. Both are now available to take and are featured in the fitness class schedule.

Abbey Jaffe, health promotions program coordinator, said her idea for this semester is to incorporate new classes that branch out from previous ones offered at the fitness center.

“I wanted to go outside of our comfort zone and offer classes we have never offered before here on campus,” said Jaffe.

Hip Hop Hustle is a unique style of step aerobics class that differs from the popular workout class Zumba. In Hip Hop Hustle, students blend dance moves with hip hop to help burn calories and drop pounds.

Insanity is a high-octane class that is more intense than a regular step aerobics class. The class consists of all body weight activities, while constantly challenging individuals to go harder, faster, and longer.

Tech student LaTausha Slaven said she approves of the new classes and is thinking about taking one of them in the future.

“I personally love the concept of these new classes,” Slaven said. “I’ve never really taken any fitness classes at the fit, but this definitely makes me want to try one out.”

Hip Hop Hustle is held on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. and lasts one hour. Insanity is held on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6 p.m. and also lasts one hour. Both classes are held in the fitness studio located on the second of the fitness center.

Jaffe said one of her main focuses and goals is to get more males involved in fitness classes. She said she hopes adding Insanity to the class lineup will help achieve this goal.

“With Insanity, I wanted to pull more guys into the class,” Jaffe said. “When guys see fitness classes, they tend to not like the idea. The goal was to get more male participants in the class. So far, I have had a few in the Insanity class already, but we are continuing to work on that.”

Tech student Aaron Price said he is unsure if a fitness class is the right thing for him, but said he feels positive towards the idea.

“I’m not sure if I would ever take a fitness class because I don’t think they’re for me, but maybe,” Price said. “I do think it is a good thing to try and get more males involved though. (Valium Online) ”

Jaffe said she welcomes any recommendations for new class ideas and is open to all suggestions from students.

Information about class schedules, times, prices, can be found online at by calling the Health Promotions Office at (931) 372-6511.