Fighting the flu

Runny nose, fever, headache, sore throat, sneezing, and possible regurgitation of the contents of the stomach – yes, you might have the flu or some form of it.  Or it’s just your allergies.

The flu scare this year is hitting close to home. Three people from this area have passed away from it recently and it has caused a major influx to doctors’ offices for people to get the flu shot. One thing – the flu shot doesn’t cover every strain of the flu. Does anyone even know how many different strains there are?

My family has even had this discussion. “Is anyone getting their flu shot?” Most of us are on the side of using our faith and good health decisions instead of poking one more needle in our arms, since almost every time you go to the doctor they are poking you with a needle for one thing or another.

The rest of my family look at it like taking a vitamin. I understand this thought very well. It is part of a healthy diet to them.

I have never enjoyed people sticking me with needles and, considering the last few years of my life I’ve been in and out of the hospital with asthma, I don’t want any more. But, more than my previous statement prevents me from going to the doctor to receive my flu shot: I choose not to participate.

I choose not to participate in the hysteria of panic and fear. I have enough problems standing on my faith to join in the craziness, including my allergies, which, when they come on the scene, look a lot like the flu. I’ll just keep being faithful in taking the allergy medicine the doctor has prescribed.

Someone I knew a long time ago taught me that my words have power –  power over me and my mind. So, taking this knowledge, I applied my faith and chose to declare that I will not participate in the flu.

I don’t feel well right now because of the crazy weather and the extremes of temperatures going from indoors to out.  It is going to happen when your body has to adjust so abruptly to the changes.

Add stress to this. We are in college; our immune systems are under attack constantly. So, why would we go around saying, “I’m going to get the flu shot, cause I know I would be the one to get it and have to miss classes?”

Your words have power people! Sitting there day in and day out saying that, eventually you are going to get it even if you did get the shot.

You can convince yourself into getting sick. This is basic brainwashing! You say it enough and you will believe anything.

If my time here on Tech’s campus has taught me anything, it is this – don’t believe everything you hear. So, why would you listen to yourself say that you are going to get sick? You don’t have to. You can stay as healthy as you want to be.

Runny nose, fever, headache, sore throat, sneezing, drainage, feeling sick to my stomach – yes, I am a college student with allergies and asthma, and a full course load, full time job, and two part-time jobs. I have to take care of myself by not adding the flu to the list.

So when I am asked if I am going to get the flu shot, I simply state, “I am not participating this year or ever.”