SGA welcomes new senators from School of Nursing

Returning senators welcomed new senators from the School of Nursing into the SGA Senate when the students returned to campus for the spring semester. The senators also returned with several new ideas to improve the campus.

Now that the School of Nursing is it’s own college outside of the College of Agriculture and Human Ecology, SGA needed senators to represent the nursing students. Over Christmas break, applications were taken and new senators were accepted. 

One of the new School of Nursing senators, Peyton Miller, said, “I’m very excited to have this opportunity to be in SGA so I can be more involved with campus business and represent the School of Nursing.”

Another new School of Nursing senator, Megan Randolph, said, “I have been wanting to get involved with SGA for a while, so when I heard there was an opening, I jumped at the chance. I am looking forward to getting involved this year.”

The new senators joined the old for the first meeting and began working on new ideas for Tech. Returning senator Andrea Shook, representative of the College of Arts and Sciences, already has ideas on how to improve the campus this semester.

“Since this is my last semester, I really want to do the most that I can to leave an impact for Tech,” Shook said. “Something that I’ve talked about with other senators is instead of having our college committees meet together, have us meet based on what we are interested with on campus so we can be more effective in writing bills that help our student organizations.”

Randolph said she also has some ideas to help the students at Tech.

“I was thinking about library hours and hours at the Swoops and keeping them open a little later, because I know students are out later than they have things closed,” Randolph said.

Returning senator Sam Blanton of the College of Engineering said she is happy to be back representing her college and is looking forward to the SOLO concert later this semester.

“I am excited to get more involved with my college and to represent them,” Blanton said. “I am also really excited about the Josh Turner concert, because he is one of my favorites.”

Miller said she, too, is also looking forward to the SOLO concert.

“I love Josh Turner and I think the campus is very excited for him,” Miller said. “I think it will be a great outcome.”

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