Josh Turner concert later this month

Award-winning country artist Josh Turner will perform in the Hooper Eblen Center for the spring S.O.L.O. concert on Feb. 27.

Brent Cobb and Eric Paslay will open the show at 7 p.m. Paslay is known for his number one hit “Friday Night.” This is the first year the country concert will host two opening acts.

Ticket pickup will begin on Feb. 18 in the lobby of the RUC and will continue until the tickets are gone. Tickets are available on a first come, first service basis to full time students.

SGA President Clay Stubblefield said, “This is our second country concert, and when Dierks Bentley was here, it was packed. I expect this one to be as big, if not bigger.”

Doors will open at 6 p.m. and the first 750 people in line will get to stand on the floor. Junior Dameh Minor said, “I will definitely be waiting in line to get the best seats! I’m a huge Josh Turner fan.”

Turner was chosen by student votes but some students said they are displeased with the selection. Most complaints were due to the country genre repeating.

 Sophomore Zach Graham said, “I am not a big fan of his music, and I would really like if the S.O.L.O. concert options offered more variety. We’ve had two country artists, Aziz, and The Fray since I’ve been here.”

 “I haven’t heard of them but I probably won’t go so that people who actually want to go can get in,” Austin Hulslander said of the opening acts.

SGA senator Kyle Bieze explained why country was the chosen genre twice in a two year period.

It’s basically set up in a way each semester is a new category, like country, rock, comedy-that’s why Aziz was here,” Bieze said. 

There is another category marked “other” which “is there to give smaller categories a chance” but is ultimately decided by a majority vote.

SGA Vice President Emily McDonald said that, as stated in Article XIV in the SGA Constitution,categories are on rotation and this semester falls into the “other” category and “was determined by a student vote in the fall of 2013.”

This fall’s S.O.L.O. concert will be chosen from the alternative genre. For additional information about the rotation and S.O.L.O. fund, see the SGA Constitution at