Kimmy’s Top Super Bowl Commercials

Maybe we all assumed too much, but the Super Bowl has always been a stage for advertisers to make me roll on the floor, work up some tears, or want to purchase that insurance policy I don’t need.

Where is the whimsy that made watching the commercials so worth it in the past?

For every 30-second commercial, $4 million is spent to make an imprint on the audience, and I’m starting to wonder where that money went. Large corporations and businesses see it as, “Something like a ritual financial sacrifice, a pyre of money set on fire to please the Buzz Gods for no particular reason,” as said by The Atlantic.

Sure, the commercial poking fun at the game while paralleling it to the woes of prom was funny, or the precious dog chasing after the Clydesdale, but after that things got stale. I began to see repeats of the past, and in fact, some of the people in them were.

A good amount of commercials had a similar idea of including throwbacks. According to Entertainment Weekly, “Nostalgia and feel-good themes were major hits across the board,” from the get-go last Sunday. We witnessed Full House stars, The Muppets and a shelling of 80s icons, including Hulk Hogan and the California Raisins.

Despite my indifferent and cold feelings, rankings have been made by yours truly as to which commercials everyone collectively enjoyed, and I am here to share them with you.


1. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”

2. Turbo-Tax’s “Prom”

3. Doritos’ “Time Machine”

4. RadioShack’s “Phone Call”

5. Doritos’s “Cowboy Kid”

6. Cheerios’s “Gracie”

7. Chevy’s “Bull”

8. T-Mobile’s “No-Contract”

9. Squarespace’s “A Better Web Awaits”

10. Oikos Greek Yogurt’s “The Spill”


As America begins to form its opinions, and social media puts in it’s two cents, we may see a difference from the list. As an outsider though, I foresee little talk when it comes to how commercials “blew us away” this year.

As far as I’m concerned, I did not find myself crying over a commercial or rolling on the floor, and I certainly wasn’t persuaded to buy something I didn’t need.