‘Dance Moms’ continues to stick around

I have often pondered why I continue to watch ‘Dance Moms.’ Is it for the dancing? No. Is it the competitiveness of competition? No. Is it for the messy, over-the-top mama drama and a wicked dance teacher? That would be the accurate answer. The show is clearly staged in particular moments, but, then again, what reality show does not have those elements? The drama is still going strong into the beginning of its fourth season. Yes, that is right, its fourth season. It does not feel like Abby Lee Miller and these moms have been screaming at one another for four years, but they have.

A lot has transpired over these last 90 plus episodes, but one thing that has stayed the same is the core group of moms. Christy, Melissa, Kelly, Holly, and Jill are the dance mom rat pack that has been around since the beginning, minus Jill who joined during the second season. At times each of them have been kicked off, quit, or at least have been on verge of both of those. If it were me, I would have been gone the first chance the exit door opened, but, my guess is the fame, money, and a strict contract by Lifetime are the things that keep the moms around.

Throughout the first three seasons, and even still in the fourth, Abby has made the threat of getting rid of some of the team members. One of her famous lines is “everyone’s replaceable,” and yet she has replaced none of them. But, I go back to Lifetime’s contract for that. Any new moms that have tried to join the team have never really worked out. They have all been, for lack of a better term, simple. None have really fit well into the group and each one came into the show already knowing what she was getting into and the acting they try to pass off as “being themselves” is horrible.

Going back to the core group of moms, as staged and plain stupid as they are sometimes, they just work well together. They have good chemistry together that shines through in lighter moments on the show and, honestly, their daughters dance better together. They know when and how to bring the drama and just what buttons to push that make Abby lose her mind. Dr. Holly has long been the lone standout that still holds a semblance of classiness about her, while not letting anyone walk all over her. She’s the smartest, prettiest, and most refined of all the moms.

Let it be known however, the real star of the show is Abby Lee Miller. Albeit, she is mean, cruel, and probably a menace behind the scenes the woman knows how to command a show. She is the Queen Bee, so to speak, and there is no getting around it. Her mean comments, although wrong at times, are funny. I mean that’s probably bad for me to say, but I live for her to tell one of those little kids to “save her tears for the pillow” when they are crying. It has become my favorite phrase of hers and I often find myself using it to console friends. Her battles with arch nemesis Cathy are beginning to get old and that storyline is quickly losing steam. Abby just needs to drop her house on her and get rid of the Wicked Witch of Canton.

Dance Moms continues to bring white trash to the forefront of reality television. Averaging more than 2 million viewers an episode, it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. This fourth season appears to be more intense than ever. Dance Mom Kelly just got arrested last episode for assaulting Abby. What’s next, a match at WrestleMania? After the blowout fight, things look like they are going to explode. This show is one of those that is so bad, it’s good. I want to stop watching, but the tiny bit of white trash in me keeps pulling me back for more.

Dance Moms airs Tuesday nights at 7/8 central on Lifetime.