Student Government raises cap on S.O.L.O. event funding to $3000

SGA has passed a bill that will increase the Student Organization Life Opportunity (S.O.L.O) funding cap from previous $1,000 cap to a $3,000 cap per student application.

“With this extra money, organizations will have more opportunities to have events that make them more noticeable on campus,” said Tech student Summer Sanders. “The more people that attend the events, the more the organization will grow.”

The bill that SGA has passed is called the “The S.O.L.O. Funding Allocation Capacity Increase of 2014.” Organizations can now receive up to $3,000 if they are approved for their project or event instead of only $1,000.

In 2010, Tech students voted to start the S.O.L.O fund so money could be provided to organizations on campus that needed it. The S.O.L.O fund also helps pay for an entertainment event every semester, such as concerts and comedians.

S.O.L.O funds are given to campus organizations that apply for extra funding to support an event or project. In order to receive financial help from the S.O.L.O fund, the organization must show that its event will benefit a large percentage of students on campus. An SGA S.O.L.O. committee then holds a formal meeting where it decides on to accept or deny the organization’s application.