No more Mr. Ice Guy: Frese fights global warming

Global warming was first used by the very environmental scientists Ms. Brown claims adhere strictly to “climate change,” which the same scientists admit includes the greenhouse effect “global warming” along with the other effects like sea level and precipitation changes. (www.nasa.gov

As for calling to question the moral fiber of environmental scientists, I fall back to the old adage, “follow the money”.  Yes, it is true across the whole spectrum of research, which is why investigation should be done.  To point a finger and say “it’s okay they did, too” merely invalidates both. It doesn’t make one acceptable over the other.  I submit, as evidence of duplicity in the environmental scientist realm concerning HCCC, the “Hockey stick” graph.  It shows a high and “unnatural” rise in global temp.  It was submitted by Mann, Bradley, and many others as proof of what was happening with HCCC.  It was “peer” reviewed, and continues to be published as “fact” in many, particularly precollege, text books.  Two mathematicians McIntyre and McKitrick found multiple sets of data, edited to include only summer months, but calculated as whole year temperatures.  Entire sets of data were submitted as having been used, but were completely left out of the calculations.  In short, using the environmentalist’s own model they entered the data correctly and showed the hockey stick graph was false.  (www.multi-science.co.uk )  You can’t call those who wrote and peer reviewed the hockey stick report uneducated and incompetent, because they hold PHDs in climate sciences, and are the ones quoted the most when promoting HCCC.  Duplicity is what remains. 

Addressing the idea that sea levels are rising, I’ll refer you to images of a scientific sea benchmark over 150 years old that’s still above water… significantly so.  Look up the “Isle of the dead” benchmark.  (www.john-daly.com)  There’s also the quaint quip about polar bears and thin ice… I submit that Antarctic ice has grown at a rate climatologists are having trouble keeping up with and more than compensates for the missing arctic ice.  Neither of these proves humans are causing the change only that change is occurring. 

Finally, allow me to push back against your childish and frankly bigoted remarks concerning those who disagree with IPCC, UN, and climate change/global warming alarmists.  Your intolerance to a differing opinion, and it is your opinion, along with your vitriol language and hate filled savage imagery of violence is bigotry. (check the dictionary if you are unconvinced) You behave much like a charlatan/agitator paid to incite violence or whip up a crowd on some fake nonsense.  A real contender brings their opinion and the sources for the evidence for holding that opinion, not incite full, hate filled, name calling.  A great many of us have and do contribute to keeping our local community clean from volunteering to doing our part at simply picking up someone else’s discarded trash off the ground and depositing it in a garbage can. The global climate is a dynamic system under constant change, yearly, even daily.  Most of us do not deny that “climate change” occurs; we disagree with the “hypothesized” cause of that change.  If the paper would allow I would be happy to submit another article dealing with the ludicrous assertion that our paltry contribution of CO2 is causing an entire planetary HVAC system to overheat.