Day: February 20, 2014


‘Biggest Loser’ weight loss debate

Jaws dropped and looks of confusion plastered the faces of “The Biggest Loser” audience as 24-year-old Rachel Frederickson walked across the stage as the winner earlier this month.  The looks of shock did not come from Frederickson winning the $250,000 grand prize, but rather the 105-pound frame that was accepting […]


‘The Exes’ one of TV’s best hidden gems

#8216;The Exes’ is one of the best-hidden gems on television. I say “hidden” because it airs on TV Land and, although most people have that channel on their television guide, not everyone watches the network. I am an avid viewer of the network however. I mean, if one network is […]


“Turn Away the Gays” turns my stomach

Really, Tennessee state legislature? You were so close. You were almost reputable. People almost thought about our state fondly – we have the show Nashville, for goodness’ sake – and you had to just stomp on it like Caesar with your big feet. Last week, state Senator Brian Kelsey of […]


Christian Politicians?

I am starting to change the way I see things. I have truly begun to see politics and Christianity in a new light.  Many of you know that I am against the government sticking their noses into the Church. I still am but I have a new view of how […]


First half struggles too much for Golden Eagles

The Lady Golden Eagles fell to the Eastern Kentucky Colonels on Monday in one of the last Ohio Valley Conference Eastern Division games. The Colonels were off to a hot start, leading Tech by as much as 10 and the Golden Eagles were unable to overcome the deficit. “I’m disappointed […]