‘She Kills Monsters’ preview

Tech’s Backdoor Playhouse will host a different kind of play for its spring production. 

“She Kills Monsters” is a comedy-drama about a woman who finds her recently deceased sister’s Dungeons and Dragons notebook and sets on a journey in the imaginary world of the game. 

“I read the play and immediately fell in love with it,” director of the play Mark Creter said. “The dialogue is smart, the characters are rich and funny, and the central message of how often we don’t know our family and the importance of finding the tribe we need really speaks to me.”

Creter said he was more interested in the play because of his own experience with comic books and pencil and paper role-playing games.  In the late 1970s, he played Empire of the Petal Throne, then graduated to Dungeons and Dragons in the 80s

“I drifted away from D&D in adulthood so it has been fun getting reacquainted with that world by working on this play,” said Creter

Creter is confident that anyone can enjoy the production, though. 

“This play is about family and friends and the importance of finding your place in the world,” Creter said.  “The play is tremendously funny and smart. I think it will be a fun evening for everyone.

“The success of ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ allows me to take chances on producing less well known works such as ‘She Kills Monsters,’ so I hope we see big crowds for this as well,” said Creter

“She Kills Monsters,” written by Qui Nguyen, will be shown at the Backdoor Playhouse April 3-12 and is free to all Tech students.