Making it up as they go along: Tech players to host improv night

The Tech Players will host an improvisation event tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Backdoor Playhouse.

“Our goal is to first, have fun. It’s what we love doing,” Tech Player Braden Wahl said. “And two, to make it entertaining for everyone in the building.”

The Players have been practicing a few improv techniques to get accustomed to the games they will be playing, “but the substance of the show won’t be made until the performance itself,” Wahl said.

Alex Wilson, vice president of the Tech Players, said, “We are using the iconic games from ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ and just flying by the seat of our pants.”

“Our dynamics as friends will be quite evident when you see us at our improv night,” Wilson said. “We are always doing something wild, whether it be cracking jokes, interpretive dancing and even creating TV shows about presidents who live in a frat house.

“We also love involving the audience, so embrace the spirit of improv.”

Student and fan Andrea Brys said, “It’s fun knowing that anything can happen. I enjoy getting to see my friends perform and laughing along with others.”

“Look forward to the spontaneity of the show,” Wahl said. “It’s fun, it’s improv, can really go in any direction and it’s usually hilarious.”

“Our energy combined is combustible, and I know we’ll set fire to the stage,” Wilson said.

“TTU students need a night to laugh, eat popcorn, hang out with friends and, most importantly, take a break from classes and studying,” Wilson said. “Also, it’s free.”

The concession stands will be open at the Playhouse, and the Players suggested those attending should arrive early to guarantee seats.