WTTU hatches new DJs

WTTU-88.5 The Nest hosted its second biannual Hatching Ceremony during dead hour on Tuesday, Mar. 18, ushering in 13 newly trained DJs.
The new DJs went through a six-week training program. Four weeks taught them all about the radio station and the “do’s and don’ts” of being a radio DJ. The final two were all about watching or “shadowing” other veteran DJs.
Drake Fenlon, the stations program manager, prepped the stage for this newest installment of DJs. 
  “The training program was informative and really brief,” said Jordan Pace, a new “hatchling” DJ. “Drake made it really fun.” 
“I am extremely excited, so excited,” said Fenlon about this second installation. “I’m stoked about adding more DJ’s.”
The presentation of certificates included swearing in on an LP of Jimmy Hendrix.
Fenlon gave some last minute advice to the new DJs to make sure they are signing in and not eating or drinking in the booth.
Fenlon said The Nest is home to between 50 and 60 DJs now. Most are currently inactive, but many still are working for the station. Phil Davis hosts the “Phil Davis Show” on WTTU-88.5 The Nest Thursdays at 5 p.m. and has been apart of the group since 2010.
“The Hatching ceremony is some brain-child of Drake’s,” Davis said.
The Hatching Ceremony came about with the new release of WTTU’s latest marketing campaign in the fall of 2013, and accompanied the rebranding of the radio station when it became WTTU-88.5 The Nest.
WTTU-88.5 The Nest staff host DJ classes every semester.