Nietzsche was wrong: “God’s Not Dead” impresses

On Saturday, March 22, I went to see ‘God’s Not Dead.’ I fell in love with the movie and the message.

The cinematography was amazing for a PUREFLIX film. The last few I saw on Netflix were lacking in this department. But ‘God’s Not Dead’ is by far one of the best Christian movies released since Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of Christ.’

There was probably only one place where the cinematography was seriously lacking. Kevin Sorbo’s character is killed in a hit-and-run while crossing the street and they did this strange slow motion of him falling to the ground after being struck by the vehicle. It was honestly laughable at the worst moment for laughing.

I believe this film wins in the acting department, also. Most Christian films lack a sense of importance or true emotion. The actors really connected to their roles and it left the audience in tears, clapping or yelling “amen.”

I love that there were a few big name people in it, too. ‘Duck Dynasty’ made an appearance and The Newsboys stole the show with leading someone to Christ.

The music was relevant to the plot line and the returning theme of “God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good,” was able to be funny but serious.

The message was relevant and hard-hitting. I believe college students should invest some money in attending this film. Whether you care for Christianity or not, seeing every side of the wheel we call America makes you a better person.

Don’t just wave it away because it is a Christian film, see it because someone, me, dares you.